Lamascarillaantiviral SL was created with the sole objective of facilitating the distribution of high-filtration hygienic masks and active masks with HeiQ Viroblock technology. Offering in this way the most complete product on the market.

A great team

We are proud to be official distributors of one of the largest mask manufacturersin this country: MasFabEs ; A Malaga company that has the capacity to manufacture 16 million high filtration hygienuc masks per month.

Together, we offer the most complete active mask on the market. Thanks to the impregnation with HeiQ Viroblock technology, our masks eliminate 99% of germs, mites and bacteria.

Before placing your order, check that the characteristics of our masks suit your needs.

You have different packs, being able to choose the necessary amount of masks that you need at all times.

If you are not convinced by any of our packs, you can choose the number of boxes you want to purchase. We make it easy for you!

Do not waste time every month in ordering masks, subscribe with us and we will send them to you every month or every two months, as you tell us.
You will make your subscription from the shopping cart.

We do not have permanence, if at any time you want to unsubscribe, you can do so with a click from your user profile. We don’t want to hold you if you don’t want to.

Nothing happens, sometimes we don’t make the best decisions … If you want to reactivate your subscription you can do it at any time from your profile.

Family Pack


Select your pack from 2 boxes for only € 26 VAT included.

Company Pack


Protect your employees with our packs. From 12 boxes to 48.

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Innovative Features

Find out what makes us offer the most complete masks.

HeiQ Viroblock Min

Active masks

Thanks to HeiQ Viroblock technology they are self-disinfecting masks.


We make the most complete high-filtration hygienic masks on the market available to everyone.

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